What makes them more comfortable than the rest?

We wanted to address the most common and unbearable pains that come with wearing high heels:

  • Pain in the ball of foot
  • Toes are squeezed, causing blisters
  • Feet get cut or blistered along the shoe opening

With this in mind, we set out to rethink the physics behind high heels. 

air daughters patent pending Balanced Contour SystemTM incorporates physics to make heels structurally differentiated and fundamentally more comfortable. 


Wearing Instructions

These are going to feel a little different from your typical high heel!

But fear not, try these easy steps to get a sense for how they'll fit your feet:

   1. Slide your feet in as usual.

   2. You'll immediately feel the cushion at the ball of foot. The cushion should sit in the gap where your toes meet your feet. This is how we prevent feet from sliding forward and toes from blistering and rubbing.

  3. Stand up straight and lean back a bit into the heels to feel the heel balancer distribute some body weight from the front into the back heel. You won't feel this immediately, but after an hour or so, your feet will be much less tired than if you've been wearing regular heels that have a straight downward slope. 

Once you've gone through these steps, your feet should feel comfortable while standing in the shoes. 

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