Everything started with the VERY frustrating shoe shopping experience!

Countless times, we went shoe shopping, mesmerized by many pairs of beautiful heels, we fantasized how amazing they'd make us feel. The second we tried them on, the illusion shattered as we realized that we simply wouldn’t last even 10 minutes in them. On the off-chance we encountered a comfortable pair, we bought every color! The worst was that there wasn't one single brand we could trust that makes beautiful and comfortable shoes with consistency. Frankly, we were so close to giving up, letting go of our styles and switching to "comfort" shoes for good.

But we thought, there are beautiful shoes, and there are comfort shoes...why can’t we have both?

With this question in mind, we examined all the shoe brands we could get our hands on, jetted across the world to visit manufacturers and shoe developers (the real masters who decide how shoes are made) and convinced the best ones to partner with us to make air daughters a reality.

Many iterations and prototypes later, we’re proud to engineer style and comfort together in our very first style, No Compromise Stiletto Pump. We chose the timeless and versatile stiletto pump as our first style because it’s one of the most challenging designs to make comfortable. If we are able to present you with a beautiful and comfortable stiletto, you could trust us with many more styles to come!

At air daughters, we aspire to make stunning shoes that are not at the cost of your comfort. Walk with us in our journey to liberate us from the choice between looking great and feeling great.

About the Name

air daughters references the old Danish fairy-tale “The Little Mermaid”. In pursuit of her heart's desire, an undersea princess undergoes a magical transformation in exchange for human legs that also makes walking feel like treading on knives. Ouch. Sound familiar? Although she doesn't get her prince in the end, because of her generous spirit and courage, she gets to become a “daughter of the air”, a guardian angel for humanity.

We created air daughters in celebration of the little mermaid's adventurous spirit, pursuit of love, unwavering bravery, and of course, to make a notoriously painful high heel feel like walking on air.

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